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By Achilles Holistic Skincare

Multifunctional Beauty Balm

Multifunctional Beauty Balm

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50ml — 1.70 oz
Our multifunctional beauty balm is made from nourishing butters, pure botanicals and exotic oils. 
The balm can be used as a cleansing balm, a moisturizing balm, an overnight treatment and everything in between. 

Regenerating and moisturizing the balm will soften, and deeply hydrate the skin while adding a dewy glow to the complexion.

Infused with beautifying ingredients you will notice how it plumps skin to the fullest, each ingredient chosen to replenish each cell on your skin while bringing out a clear, soft and glowing complexion.

So gentle, yet so effective our balm will soothe the sensitive, inflamed, damaged or irritated skin, or just act as the perfect level of hydration while bringing the best out in your skin.

Upon contact with skin, this botanical concentrate melts into a green beautiful fluid.

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