Our Story

Hi, I'm Josefina Minard, founder of Love Naturals by Nature, LLC. I was born in Mexico raised in Texas. I married my husband Michael in 2020. While navigating our journey in trying to conceive (TTC) in 2021, I fell down a rabbit hole searching for answers; it has been a journey thus far. While on this journey I found out our food, the products we surround ourselves daily, lather and put on our bodies are disruptive to our hormones and are slowly impacting our health; even our world is in a tremendous demineralization. The search for answers trying to heal my metabolism, and getting my body in optimal shape for conception has brought me to this path of opening this one stop online shop where every product has been meticulous search which I personally review so there’s no harsh chemicals that can disrupt the body’s innate system. Although everyone is different and will absorb things differently just because of how God creates us so uniquely, and what you have been exposed is different than someone else. I understand, some people like the idea of essential oils and others like the idea of tallow and other saturated oils we have you guys covered.  Tallow and other saturated oils are great; however, I do try stay away from polyunsaturated oils (PUFA) just because of how PUFAs can oxidize your body. Finding natural products in its raw form have a higher quality and are more nutrient dense just like centuries ago when our ancestors thrived with natural living herbs, plants, the land so our bodies and hormones can thrive at its best -they were on to something. Plus, I love sourcing, planning, and buying since I've been in the supply chain for around 8 years, and my love for researching and finding natural, holistic, clean, and organic products led me here to our own online retail shop.

Perhaps you are not TTC, however you landed on this page to learn more and want to lessen the toxic load, than welcome, we are here to help everyone.

We truly appreciate everyone that stops by, and everyone supporting our small business. Thank you for choosing us to deliver beautiful, curated products from other likeminded businesses.

With Love,

Josefina Minard

CEO/Founder of Love Naturals by Nature, LLC.