Miscarriage & Infant Loss Boxes

Hi everyone!

God has placed in my heart to gift an encouragement box to women who have or are going through miscarriage & infant loss boxes.  Last year my husband and I went through a hard and devastating news, we lost our baby.  Going through a miscarriage is not easy, it's hard and still I take my grief to God. Surely there's been questions, and uncertainty through this season. God has placed in my heart to gift mammas going through loss and grief a gift.  God is so near and so close to the brokenhearted. You are in God's heart.  The words I keep hearing in my spirit is: you are seen, you are loved and you are prayed for.  I have begun a prayer list for any mamma that reaches out.  In the past, my prayer has been in general but now that I have names I can pray for you by name.  I want you to know God has a purpose for you. 

Love Naturals by Nature, LLC. has partnered for this cause.  Please let us know by emailing at: hello@lovenaturalsbynature.com.

I will see your emails and will be responding to you.

With love and blessings,
Josefina Minard

Founder of Love Naturals by Nature, LLC.