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Gentle Green Mouthwash Tabs- 5 Sachet Travel Bundle (30 tabs)

Gentle Green Mouthwash Tabs- 5 Sachet Travel Bundle (30 tabs)

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Travel-friendly alternative to bottled mouthwash without all the bulky plastic waste! Meet our new waterless Gentle Green Mouthwash Tabs. The perfect way to take the ounces out of travel while enjoying fresh breath on-the-go!

More than a mint, our plant-based functional tablets are formulated with nano-Hydroxyapatite to strengthen and restore your pearly whites. Inspired by Ayurveda our natural mouthwash tabs are alcohol-free and fluoride-free designed to whiten your teeth, reduce sensitivity, and balance your mouth's pH.

Simply crush to activate and swish to refresh instantly! Conveniently packaged in a recyclable sachet containing a weekend getaway amount. The perfect pocket size for travel or camping for long-lasting freshness while on the go!

Key beneficial ingredients

  • nano-Hydroxyapatite: a naturally occurring "fluoride alternative" mineral to strengthen enamel, repair, and remineralize micro-cavities.
  • Xylitol (from birch): The perfect sweet touch that works to repel harmful cavity-causing bacteria.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate: "baking soda" - a gentle cleanser, teeth whitener, and growth inhibitor of bad bacteria.
  • Taric Acid: derived from fruit, when paired with baking soda gives our tablets an effervescence when exposed to water.
  • Mint Essential Oil: gentle refreshing effect - beneficial in reducing biofilm on teeth.

How to Use

Bite down to activate until dissolved. Sip water, if preferred. Gently swish thoroughly and discard when done. Do not swallow. Rinse well


5 sachets - 6 tabs each
TSA approved
Biocompatible non-toxic formula
Natural coloring and flavors
Cruelty-free and vegan


Designed for travel, our reusable packaging is 95% plastic-free. What makes the 5%? The reclosable zipper and the barrier lining that keep your tabs fresh. Discard into trash knowing you are making a difference in reducing global plastic waste.


Tartaric acid, sodium bicarbonate, dichlorose, polyethylene glycol, mannitol, mint  essential oil, xylitol, plant (coconut oil)extract, hydroxyapatite, magnesium stearate.

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