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Wildland Organics

Magic Dust Dry Shampoo

Magic Dust Dry Shampoo

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This innovative 2-in-1 formula magically disappears while reviving both hair & skin, providing a convenient and effective solution on days of unwash!

  • Innovative, Non-Aerosol Fine Mist Pump: an environmentally friendly and convenient solution for the green beauty world of dry shampoo. The application experience is SO MUCH BETTER than the typical "salt shaker" style of packaging typically used to house organic dry shampoo - read some of our reviews below to find out more!
  • 4 Unique Color Shades: For Dark Brown Hair, Light Brown Hair, Redheads, + a shade for Blondes & Silver Foxes!
  • 100% Organic Subtle Fragrance: Lavender + Clary Sage + Cedarwood
  • 2-in-1 Hair & Body Refresher: this product is safe for use on skin, including nether regions (not internally). A savior for stress sweaters at work, gym go-ers who don't have time for a shower after a lunch-time sesh, and after-work daters who don't have time to go home for a bath!

Available in Full Size or Travel Size, this product is quickly becoming a cult favorite among Green Beauty mavens!

Hair Ritual: On days of un-wash, hold bottle 3-5 inches away from roots and spritz as needed to absorb excess oil in the hair and roots. Longer, thicker hair may require dividing hair into sections. Using your fingers, work the product into your roots by lightly lifting and shaking your hair as you spritz. Allow 3-5 minutes for the powder to absorb the oil and shake off or brush through any excess.

Body Ritual: For a mid-day refresher, or on days of un-wash, hold bottle 3-5 inches away and spritz onto your body under your clothes. Gently work the product into skin until it disappears.

Allow the wild, soothing properties of organic lavender and clary sage to calm your senses and lift your spirits, leaving you feeling fresh and at your best for whatever adventure lies ahead!


*Cornstarch, *Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, ~*Aloe Powder, ~Pink Clay, ~Baobab Powder, ^*Baobab Oil, Essential Oils of *Bulgarian Lavender, *Clary Sage, *Cedarwood Atlas. Raven Roots: ~Brown Kaolin Clay, ~Cocoa Color Clay Dark Brown, ~Black Kaolin Clay Toffee Roots: ~Brown Kaolin Clay Ginger Roots: ~Color Clay Cedrus Golden Roots: ~Cydonia Color Clay Quince Yellow

Indicates  *Organic  ^Wildcrafted  ~Fair Trade

For All Hair Types, Including Color-Treated Hair

Zero-Mess, Non-Aerosol Bottle. 100% Recyclable.

1% of Wildland sales go to preserving and protecting North America’s wildlands.

Note for Pregnant Women: Please consult your health practitioner before trying any new skincare products. Clary Sage is a beautiful essential oil present in our Sun Sage Ritual Oil, Sun Sage Sanitizers & Dry Shampoos - but is not recommended for pregnant women. Essential Oils are very powerful and must be used with caution during pregnancy and beyond. Best to be cautious and seek the advice of your doctor for a complete guide to “safe” essential oil use according to trimester.

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