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Pet Stain & Odor Remover (New Formula!)

Pet Stain & Odor Remover (New Formula!)

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For the pet lover who wants to keep loving their pet

10-in-1 Enzyme-Powered Formula Safely Destroys Stains & Odors

25 fl oz.

New 2nd Generation No-Rinse Formula

We heard you loud and clear. Our new formulation is designed to be used by spraying copiously on carpet, fabric, or upholstery and vacuumed away once dried. No rinsing is required for most stains. The blend of plant-powered enzymes and deodorizers are untouched but this new solution allows you to spray until your hand gets tired…and that’s it!

What does “pet” start with? Exactly. And that is why we are here. For that and all the other little surprises they may leave on the floor, the carpet, the furniture. We love ‘em but it’s impossible to love the accidents. Puracy’s Pet Stain & Odor Remover was designed to naturally, effectively, and easily get rid of the little “gifts” they leave behind.

Our 99.52% natural formula is packed with active stain & odor-fighting plant-based enzymes. So much so that you can expect over 500% the power per ounce versus other pet stain removers. It is beyond professional strength but without any of the nasty chemicals usually trapped inside. Our naturally-derived formula is safe to use around pets, or anyone for that matter.

And let’s be honest: It’s not just the stain, it’s the smell. Or better yet the stench. This eliminates the root of the odor and the stain so even those with the most sensitive noses won’t be able to detect anything except a hint of cucumber and mint. Furry friends won’t be able to find the scene of their last crime, which helps with repeat offenders.

Whether your in-law’s dog lifted a leg on your new couch or the cat your family rescued declared your new area rug its litter box, we have you covered. Simply Spray (a lot), let the enzymes go to work, and vacuum up any remnants the next day. A rinse or extraction is optional.

So, the next time it happens, just grab the bottle and breathe. After you’ve taken care of the stain, of course.

Concentrated stain & odor elimination

Cleaning up a mess shouldn’t be a physical activity so rigorous that it activates your fitness tracker. Fed up with the unsung Olympic sport of scrubbing on your hands & knees, we made a pet stain & odor eliminator that is beyond professional strength and does the heavy lifting for you.

31% of our natural formula is active stain & odor-fighting plant-based enzymes, packing over 800% the power per ounce of other pet stain removers. This means it takes fewer sprays to work better, requires less scrubbing, and one bottle lasts over 10 times as long. Now that’s neat.

Help for repeat offenders

Stains & odors aren’t masked with a temporary fragrance, they are obliterated at the source. Even for those gifted with a highly sensitive sense of smell, there will be no trace of anything familiar left behind.

No matter if it’s urine, feces, vomit, hairballs, drool, or other unsavory messes, the habitual offenders who turn innocent accidents into mischievous bad habits won’t be able to locate the scene of the crime. This helps deter the next offense, and protects the peace at home.

Guaranteed plant-powered performance

With all this stain & odor fighting power comes great responsibility. We’ve served hundreds of thousands of people for years with the best & most well-reviewed naturally-derived cleaning & care items on the planet.

In everything we create, we use only carefully-sourced, naturally-derived, plant-powered ingredients & botanicals. And not just gentle to humans, but to all members of your family — pets always included.

Safe for your surfaces

There’s no caustic or harsh chemicals, only 99.52% natural ingredients specifically designed to target the cause of the stain itself & all odor. This means it’s safe to use on your carpet, rugs, mats, bed mattresses & sheets, towels, upholstery, countertops, and more.

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