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By Achilles Holistic Skincare

Rose Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol

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Restore & balance your skin pH with our beautiful rose hydrosol, which is organic and artisan distilled.

Harvested by hand and artisan slowly distilled at low temperatures to preserve its therapeutic and aromatic values.

A divine aqueous substance produced in the process of distillation of aromatic plant material, our rose hydrosol is cooling, pH balancing and the perfect hydration for the skin.

Close your eyes and mist upon cleansed face. Follow with your favorite facial oil, or balm while your skin is still damp with the floral essence. Alternatively, spray over makeup as a finishing step to set makeup, or spray throughout the day to refresh and rehydrate skin.


With one of the methods for oil cleansing you apply the oil to dry skin, then add a little water while you rub it all in. Hydrosols can be used as the water component to enhance this method. Spritz your face after applying the oils, massage together on your skin, wipe, then rinse with plain warm water. Pat dry, follow up with another spritz, then facial oils.

To customize your moisturizer, spritz once or twice into your palm before blending with drops of facial oil or balm to create your perfect lotion.

Organic bulgarian rosa (rose) damascena hydrosol.°
Artisan distilled flowers.
°Certified organic ingredient.
Country of origin: Bulgaria.

With a high extraction ratio, our rose hydrosol contain a high level of aromatic molecules.

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